Who is Benventurer?

Nice to meet you 2016. Just like every other 20-something year old, I'm launching a blog!

Two years ago, my dear friend Mary Reese shouted "let's go on an adventure, with Ben... A BEN-VENTURE!" And it stuck. Since then, I've had more benventures than I have stickers on my car.

Yeup, my life is busy...always. But I love being busy! I enjoy learning things, doing stuff, meeting people, going places, and getting risky biscuits along the way. So my goal with this blog is to share my projects, experiences, travels, and perspectives as they come.

But a benventure is not always high tides and trail guides. The past few months have brought some major life redirections. Opting out of my study abroad program next semester being one of them. However, I've got some big plans coming up and couldn't be more stoked for what's ahead! The motivation is to live in the "here and now" (good or bad) instead of wrapping my head around the future. Such a novel idea!

So for those who are curious and wish to follow along, this blog will serve as my personal digital journal. You can subscribe for updates via email if you wish or pop in anytime.


My name is Benjamin Johnston and I am a Benventurer.