Spring Break 2k16



From March 4 to March 12, my close friend Phil Mouring and I ventured of on a high-speed, rapid-fire European Vacation escorted by our local Swiss pal Tobias Tresch. The goal was simply to be and to see.

And that we did.

Here are a few of my notes from our travels to prove it.

  • Skated in Istanbul Airport with a Beck's brew in hand.
  • Played the stump game in a random Swiss bar.
  • Ate Little Debbie Swiss Rolls in Switzerland.
  • Drove 140 mph on the Autobahn.
  • Witnessed the sunrise and sunset over the Swiss Alps.
  • Phil accidentally splashed holy water.
  • Ate pastries in France.
  • Had Sprugel in Germany.
  • Made my own Swiss Chocolate.
  • Crafted my own Swiss Army knife.
  • Toured and tasted a Heineken Brewery.
  • Learned how to say Easter Egg in German
  • Tobi got in a fender bender
  • Street lines are opposite colors.
  • Swiss insurance pays for gym members.
  • Never wear your shoes inside.
  • Red Bull is cheaper than water.
  • Rode through world's longest tunnel - 17km,
  • Toi Toi = portapotty.
  • Ate Italian pizza with local red wine.
  • I really like Rachlett and Flamkuchen.
  • Scottish dudes suck at ping pong.
  • Got super lost snowboarding at LAAX and ended up in a goat pasture.
  • Turkish Airlines hands out Turkish delight, and free alcohol.

And of course, the visuals along the way...

An unforgettable trip.

Phil and I can't thank the Tresch family enough for their outrageous hospitality. Your incredible food, beautiful home, and fuzzy cats will be missed.

A special thank you to boss man Tobi for ALL you did for us (planning, driving, getting out a$$e$ out of bed) and taking time off work to adventure to such cool places with us. And ladies, he's single!

Here's a highlight video from the various road trips we embarked on, in chronological order. I also decided to leave the footage as natural as possible and not edit the clips. Unfortunately I lost the footage from Italy, but a piece of my heart will always lie in those "Coors Light sized" mountains.

Cheers to next time Switzerland! I'll be back.





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