May 9 - May 19

Four Pals + California

Those were the plans. Head west and enjoy.

Vegas, Mammoth, Yosemite, San Francisco, Morro Bay, Newport Beach, Pasadena, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, and back to Vegas.


But what we found was much different than just a high-speed race around the west coast. The theme of the trip became centered around friendship instead of destinations. Enjoying time with each other before moving away and getting jobs. Celebrating the changing seasons of our lives. Meeting old friends and making new ones along the way.

Granted, after driving 3,000+ miles in a hot-sweaty rental car together, community isn't much of a choice. But, they were some of the best moments of my life.

See for yourself.

Below is a short film I put together to recap the entire trip (lens smudges and all). For an appetizer, here are some quotes from the trip that didn't make the cut.

  • “I’ve never been to Colorado, but I imagine it looking like this…green and tan.” - Phil
  • “Yea you can make that jump…phil, no no, do the big boy jump, you can do it.” - Ben
  • “Hey look what I found, it’s a switch blade…we should keep it.” - Tyler
  • “Hey Ben watch out there’s a car coming” - Tyler
  • “Watch out, I’m throwing a rock at you.” -Phil
  • “Phil no, no Phil” - Tyler
  • “Ugh, I’m so ugly.” - David
  • “Jimmy joop joop!” - David
  • “Hey, there’s hazardous cliffs over here!” … “perfect” - Tyler and Phil
  • “Phil, stop killing nature, you’re on film.” - Ben
  • “I’m gonna die, I don’t know how to stop this thing!” - Tyler
  • “YEEHAW PEEPAW!” - Everyone, all the time
  • “Ah look at you, you’re a surfer! Ahhh” - David
  • “Gotta have your hands free, it’s called the two hand technique…illegal in 12 states” - Phil
  • “You filming me sleeping?” - Phil
  • “Get a shot of my veins.” - Phil
  • “Can we listen to KYGO’s new album now?” - Phil
  • “Do something stupid-er, you look too normal” - Ben
  • “Am I gonna be famous on the YouTubues?” - Jmart
  • “This is chapstick”… “Yea you put that on sometimes” - Phil and David
  • “Why are these people rich? What’d they do?” - Phil
  • “Infrastructure? I hardly know her…” - Jmart
  • “I bet there’s food in all these trucks” - Tyler
  • “Ahh, yerrr uhhh gotta pee’n her butt! - David
  • “Mountains and trees, mountains and trees! I’m tired of it!” - Phil
  • “Yep, this just tastes like a Miller beer” - David
  • “That was the girliest throw I’ve ever seen.” - Ben to Phil
  • “Doop bop stop baa boo bee bop pop scoop poop” - David

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy our shenanigans!