The Big Apple.

Jonathan and I recently spent 30 hours wandering around New York City.

Some things that were involved:

  • trains
  • @archdad56
  • freedom tower
  • the oculus & 9/11 memorial
  • gyros
  • subways
  • graphic designers
  • the yotel
  • muscles
  • coffee
  • @briancason
  • dumbo
  • brooklyn bridge park
  • highline

As soon as we got to the city, I bought two rolls of film. Which may not make a whole lot of sense when I have a nice Canon DSLR.

The truth is, I've preferred taking my film camera on trips over my digital camera. (Don't tell that to my cameras. They already don't get along.)

When I'm only given 36 exposures in a city as large as NYC, my mind switches from tourist to artist.

Instead of taking pictures for documentation, I take pictures for aesthetic. It's a process of searching for what is beautiful and eye-catching rather than simply freezing a moment in time.

The best part about the process of shooting with film? When you find something super cool to take a pic of and you look through the viewfinder, you have to make a decision.

Is the shot worth it?

Will the image I capture be worth a spot amongst the other 36 exposures on the roll of film? Is the shot framed exactly the way I would want to showcase my subject? Oh, and is the camera properly exposed?!

These decisions tell the world what you, as a photographer, define as eye-catching. What you define as beauty. What you define as art.

And art is not a simple definition.

I've decided to spend my last semester of college taking classes that help me explore this realm of thought, including a film photo class. (Aka: more film pics coming your way!)

And while I'm finishing up my time here at JMU...

...(drum roll please)...

This guy (oh, back to Jonathan), will be studying graphic design at his new home here in NYC!

So here are some of the pics from the trip. I'd say Jmart wears New York pretty well.