Meet Jonathan Martin.

Referred to by the locals as "Jmart".

A visual gatherer, world traveler, simplistic designer, impulsive explorer, passionate curator, and seasoned writer. He's been named a "campus fave" by about.me and has work published in the LA Times. Booyah!

Currently spotted in the desertlandia of Phoenix, the millennial gold rush is pulling him to the west coast. Jmart enjoys awkward puns, Taco Bell, and not-your-mother's rap music. Oh, and Coke never Pepsi.

Our paths first crossed two years ago at James Madison University and have been buds since. Squeezed between two busy lifestyles, our time together is limited but well spent.

Countless concerts/photos/adventures later, we've shared some pretty radical memories.

According to the Myers Briggs Personality test, Jmart is an ESTP and I'm an INFJ. We are exact opposites. Interesting.

But our view of life on mother earth is very similar. Creativity is under-valued, coffee is best enjoyed with friends, and God's love is crazy dope.

New apps are fun and creating content is exciting, but our identity rests in a power far greater than iOS and Google.

Jonathan's walked the plank on more ships than most of us will ever step foot on. Discovering the beauty buried within the imperfect has been a constant theme in his story.

His persistence to follow the Lord is bold and he refuses to be rerouted by societal expectations. Sure there may be flat tires and car washes along the way, but the views of his journey are worth every minute to him. I'm encouraged by Jonathan's character everyday and I work to see life as he does.

Admittedly, most of my creative inspiration and ideas have been vicariously maturing through Jonathan's work, especially my blog. So please, go check out his beautiful site!


Sure I've got a bit of a bro crush on the dude, but I'm stoked to share life with this weirdo. I'm always amused by how we've stayed such good friends over the years, but I never question why. I'm stoked to see what 2016 has in store for this stud. (And thanks for letting me practice portrait photography on you!)