The Brief: Develop a single-page desktop design for a personal loan business tailored towards tech-savvy grandparents.

(Responsive design in mind | Student work | Tools: SketchApp | Deadline: 1 day)

Fitzwood: Personal Loans
"Honest, Simple, Caring"

(Name derived in combination of Fitzroy and Collingwood; two side-by-side neighborhoods in my old stomping grounds of Melbourne.)

Getting a personal loan may not be the most exciting thing in the world, sure, but lets take a look at some of the body copy and see if anything emotive sticks out as design inspiration...

"Helping you take control of your finances"
"Getting to know our clients"
"Very low rates to financially responsible people"
"It is an easy but in-depth process"
"We look at data other lenders don't"
"Don't hesitate to ask"

Now, combining the established values from deeper research (honest, simple, caring) with the target market in mind, here are some design notes and directions at play:

Navigation — Easy and intuitive, legibility and hierarchy similar to a newspaper.
Demographic — They don't mind reading chunks of text.
Trust — Needs to be immediate. Think narrow padding, gives the illusion of grip and control.
Step by Step — Predictable flow of content.
Connect Early — Appeal to the small-town voice.
Branding — conversational and relatable.

And now for the design elements and brainstorming (followed by the final product).